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Enclosures and Air filtering solutions dedicated to 3D printing

3D printing risks

“We are facing chronic pollution” 



Toxic emissions

Nanoparticles & VOCs

Studies have shown high nanoparticle emissions from 10 to 100nm and significant production of VOCs from the filaments fusion. You might breathe harmful air in the presence of 3D printers, and in a repetitive way. That is chronic pollution with a long-term effect on your health which you can prevent with safety features. 
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Why choose Alveo3D ?

“Filter designed for 3D printing” 




HEPA & Activated carbon

The P3D range filter received special attention to strictly follow the requirements of air filtering for nanoparticles under 100 nm and provide 98% efficiency. In order to neutralize odors and symptoms of irritation a specific activated carbon was selected. 

P3D filter

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Design & Manufacturing in France 



AlveoONE & R

Air filtering system mountable on an enclosure

alveoONE noir et vert

starting from 79,99€, in kit or assembled


Air filtering system mountable on an enclosure

enclosure 900

696,00€ incl. VAT – in stock

Custom-sized enclosure

Customised enclosures for desktop 3D printer

custom-sized enclosure

Industrial quality and volume to 1 m3

Global safety solution

Combining AlveoONE air filtering with an industrial enclosure provides an ideal environment for your 3D printer in order to improve your prints while limiting the warping effect and protect you from harmful emissions.

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Melting plastic: a good idea without any protection?

Release of nanoparticles and VOCs

A 3D printer enclosure is necessary to achieve beautiful prints without the warping effect. An enclosure can stabilize the temperature and protect the printing zone from draughts. However, inside the enclosure, the harmful emissions will be concentrated during the printing and require air extraction or constant filtering. 
protection with enclosure

Solution for additive manufacturing professionals and printer manufacturers

Design of customized safety solutions

product range

Integrate our solutions into your professional 3D printers

– 3D printer manufacturers –

Your clients ask us to protect their operators and machines with enclosures and efficient filters. Incorporate an Alveo3D  directly on your 3D printer to get a reputed and efficient air filtering system.

bespoke filter

Design and production of compact customised filters

– All industrial field –

With the flexibility of additive manufacturing, we are able to design custom air filters. We can adjust filter specifications to catch targeted pollutants and keep the required airflow.

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