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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

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 The general terms and conditions of sale are managed by the sales of ALVEO3D products (the “products”) made on website (“website”) between FLEXEE SYSTEM SAS company by simplified stock corporation with a capital of 24,000 €, which headquarter is located at 170, rue de la Charve 73000 Chambery, France registered under n°840 828 180, VAT number identification n°FR37840828180, and final user (“customer”).

The purchase by the customer of an item is followed by the membership of the customer to the terms and conditions of sale.

Article 1 – Application of the terms and conditions of sale.


 Terms and conditions of sale need to be applied for every order made in the website

 When placing an order on website you need to acknowledge the terms and conditions of sale and also the agreement of the customer on the content.

 FLEXEE SYSTEM has the right to modify terms and conditions of sale at any time. Only the terms and conditions of sale operative during the order can be applied.

Article 2 – Orders


 Orders can only be made on website.

 French and English are the languages offered for the sale contract.

 Products characteristics are indicated on each product’s page. The pictures and the product’s descriptions are not in the contract, if the products have any mistake, in no case, it is the FLEXEE SYSTEM responsibility. FLEXEE SYSTEM is allowed to change technical characteristics of the product’s mentioned on website. FLEXEE SYSTEM can at any time remove some products of the sale.

If a product is not available, FLEXEE SYSTEM will contact the customer as soon as possible. The customer will be informed of when the product will be available. If the customer does not want to wait for the availability, or if the product is not available anymore, and in the case of the order was paid, FLEXEE SYSTEM will refund the customer less than 30 days following the purchasing of the customer.

When checking the box on the terms and conditions acknowledgment and clicking on the button “order” is confirming the order. These actions are like an “electronic signature” and a handwritten signature. It is a way to accept and confirm the order and the terms and conditions of sale. The data registered by website on the internet are proof of all the transactions made between FELXEE SYSTEM and his customer.

The order’s number is given as an indicative basis and does not correspond to the invoice number. The invoice is sent to the customer via email or mailbox. We advise the customer to keep this invoice.

The customer can cancel the order if it wasn’t sent to the logistics team, the transmission to the logistic team understand the email sent to the customer précising that the order has been shipped. When the order is made, the cancellation can be made by the refusal of the customer when receiving the order.

All information given by the customer when making the order (precisely the name and address of delivery) cannot be held responsible for the failure of delivery. Then, Alveo3D is not responsible for late delivery or cancellation of delivery.

The customer can order a product which is not available yet for delivery, it will be indicated on the product record with the “preorder” mention. The customer has to pay for the price of sale and the product will be sent at the date indicated of the product record. The product will be reserved at the customer name during the delay of delivery.

FLEXEE SYSTEM society will not keep the credit card data on the website.

Article 3 – PRICES

Products are billed at the current rate of the time of order. The prices on the public part of the website are including VAT. Price does not include rights and tax that can be made by the customs authorities in the country where the products have been ordered.

FLEXEE SYSTEM can modify the price at any time but commit to apply the current price when the order has been registered, subject to the approval of the availability of the products at this date.

The products ordered are owned by FLEXEE SYSTEM until the full purchase of the price. However, when the products are received by the customer all commodity risks are transferred to the customer.

 Shipping fees are indicated before ordering and depending on the products or the amount of the order, are billed or bearded by FLEXEE SYSTEM, following the indication before the confirmation of the order.

Customer can have a promotion code. He has to respect their conditions of use. The customer can only use one promotion code for one order.

Article 4 – Delivery and transportation.

Delivery is made at the address indicated on the order by the shipping company.

When the customer receives the order by the shipping company, if the customer does not want the order, it will be shipped back to FLEXEE SYSTEM; the shipping cost will be at the customer charge. This shipping back causes the cancellation of the contract and the refund of the amount paid by the customer, less the shipping back fees.

FLEXEE SYSTEM is not responsible for any delays in the delivery in two major cases: delay is due to a case of force majeure (L114-1 Consumer code): art. 15 LCEN), the delay is provoked by the buyer (art.15 LCEN).

FLEXEE SYSTEM has the right to choose the shipping company.

Article 5 – Compliance

The customer has to verify the compliance of the merchandise delivered before to sign the delivery documents. In the case of anomaly, the customer has to indicate his supply, following by his signature, directly in the delivery document. In case of a serious anomaly (damaged, opened package or missing or damaged products), the customer has to refuse the package and precise in the delivery’s documents the reason why he had to refuse the package delivered. The verification is done when the customer or any person able to verify for the customer has signed the delivery’s document. The customer has to contact FLEXEE SYSTEM by the email address: and has to precise the invoice number.

FLEXEE SYSTEM makes a commitment to refund or exchange the non-compliant products of the customer order. In this case, the customer has to contact by email address, in the 15 days following the delivery in order to receive a return voucher. The customer will have to send back the product using the return voucher and he travel voucher prepaid sent by FLEXEE SYSTEM. The product has to be sending in the original packaging with all the accessory and documentation undamaged and in new condition.

The claim related to the non-compliancy of a product has to send with the choice of the customer between refund and exchange. All exchange, asked by a customer, need to respect the measures defined in article 6.

Article 6 – Right of withdrawal

According to article L.12-20n and following the consumer code, the customer has 14 business days after the delivery of the order to return every not suitable product or to ask exchange or refund with no sanction except return shipping fees.

The product will have to be sent back with no damages and in new condition, in the original undamaged packaging. The products will have to be with his entire accessory (manuals, cables, remote control, guaranty …). If it’s not the case, you will lose the right of withdrawal and the product will be return at your own expense.

Return products can only be accepted if they are undamaged and in new condition, it means in the original packaging, undamaged and with all accessory. The not complete, damaged or bad conditions products will be refused. The customer has at his charge the return shipping fees. The shipping cost for return will not be refunded. Products and merchandise are shipped at the liability and risks of the customer. FLEXEE SYSTEM recommends to the customer to have all coverage necessary to cover the risks and all precaution to keep the product safe. The refund will be made in the customer credit card in a maximum of 30 days after the right of withdrawal. The customer has 14 days after the delivery of the order to return the un-compliant product in the case of the service “14 days satisfied or refunded”. To return the product, the customer has to contact the FLEXEE SYSTEM’s customer service by email and precise the invoice number.

Article 7 – Payment

Orders have to pay the day of the order for the credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa). The entry of the bank information is made on a secured server allowing the safety and the confidentiality of the information collected for the payment.

Bank transfer is available and has to be made 5 days after the confirmation of the order by the customer. If the order was not paid, FLEXEE SYSTEM is allowed to cancel the order.

The order will be confirmed and carried out by FELXEE SYSTEM when the bank payment center will have given the agreement and when FLEXEE SYSTEM will have confirmed the order regarding the eligibility criteria.

In website, in order to limit fraud, FLEXEE SYSTEM has the right to ask the customer to justify is identity and his address to confirm the order. In this case, the delay of treatment of the order will be made when the documents will be received. FLEXEE SYSTEM has the right to cancel the order if the documents are not sent or non-compliant.

Article 8 – Guaranty

Legal assurance

Legal guarantees of conformity

The consumer living the European Union can, thanks to FELXEE SYSTEM have the application of the legal guarantee of conformity of the articles L.217-4 and following the French consumer code ( transcript in annex n°2) when the product purchased has a conformity defect).

If the product has a defect, the consumer will be able to choose between reparation and replacement with no costs according to article L.217-9 of the French consumer code. The consumer has the right to obtain reduction price or cancellation of the order in the following cases:

If the reparation or the replacement of the product is not possible;

If the reparation or replacement cannot be made in a reasonable period, or if the replacement or reparation cannot be made without inconvenience for FLEXEE SYSTEM.

A minor defect for which the reparation or replacement is not possible or too expensive does not give the right to the cancellation of the order.

The legal assurance of conformity covers the defects of conformity happening in the two (2) years following the delivery of the products bought at FLEXEE SYSTEM.

Except for special cases, the defects conformity appearing in the twenty-four ( 24) months after the delivery are considered as existing at the time of delivery, except when the suspicion is not compatible with the nature of the products or the nature of the conformity’s defect.

Guarantee of hidden defects

The customer living in France can, thanks to FLEXEE SYSTEM apply the guarantee of hidden defects by articles 1641 and 1648 of the French civil right when the product purchased has hidden defects making the products impossible to use or diminish the use that the customer cannot use it or will never buy it.

If the products have hidden defects, the customer will have to choose between returning the products the FLEXEE SYSTEM or to have the refund of the price and the costs of sale ( like shipping fees), or can also keep it and have a partial refund, conforming to the article 1644 of the French civil right.

In case of hidden defects that need to be declared, the customer has two ( 2) years after discovering the defects; according to article 2232 of the French civil rights, the first report or interruption and suspension of a prescription can only be applied twenty ( 20) days after the birthright.

To benefit the legal guaranty of conformity or the hidden defects guarantee, the customer will have to notify the Parrot Frones of the hidden defects by handwriting to Parrot Frones SAS – 174, quai de Jemmapes- 75010 Paris – France or by the website “ customer service” and give the proof that the produce had hidden defects at the day of sell.

To benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity or the hidden defects guarantee, the customer will have to notify FLEXEE SYSTEM of products’ defect. (Contact details to article 11).

Article 9 – Intellectual property

FLEXEE SYSTEM is and will stay the owner of all the intellectual property on the products and no disposition of the present terms and conditions of sale can be interpreted to transfer one or another intellectual property to a customer or a third party.

Products and packaging are sold under ALVEO3D’s brand.

FELXEE SYSTEM is and will stay the owner of the ALVEO3D’s brand and logo and to any other logo or brand belonging to him.

Reproduce texts, images, pictures, designs or graphics under the’s website are protected under intellectual property and copyrights.

According to all dispositions of the French intellectual property code, only private utilization is allowed. Any reproductions of website are strictly forbidden.

Article 10 – Responsibility

All Pictures on products sheets are not contractual. The customer has to be sure of the technical characteristics before ordering.

FLEXEE SYSTEM’s is not responsible for any mistakes between products characteristics and illustrations or sale condition.

If a product cannot or is fully working, because of the incompatibility of the materials cannot be compensated or refunded and it is not FLEXEE SYSTEM responsibility.

All products on are mobile kit system and need to be assembled. FLEXEE SYSTEM cannot be responsible for any bad functioning or degradation because the kit was not well assembled.

Article 11 – Customer service

For any question, claim or any information, the customer service is available for the customer:

Email to

Letters to this address:


170 rue de la Charve

73000 Chambéry


Article 12 – Dispute

In case of difficulty caused by an order or to the delivery of a product, the customer will have the possibility to search for amicable settlement especially with customers who are helping by consumer’s association or any advice of his choice.