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Embedded air filtering system in enclosed 3D printer

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To answer your clients’ security requirements

Seamless integration with the Alveo3D filter ensures




Safety at work

– Company & public space –

Air filtering is often required by the hygiene, safety, and environment corporation’s service. Our European customers who want to adopt an FDM  printer are always forced to enclose their machines with a filtering system to protect their operators.

Efficient air filter

 – Alveo3D Laboratory –

3D printers’ harmful emissions are mainly about the ultrafine particles from 10 to 100 nm and VOCs. To catch these toxic agents, the alveo3D filter is composed of HEPA media and active carbon granules. They have been tested and selected for 3D printing in particular.

Reduce the cost

– Embedded filtration –

Our 3D printer manufacturer clients express their will to find an efficient filtering system mountable on their 3D printer models. They are looking for a dual objective : to reduce the investment cost and avoid enclosing their 3D printer with an extra cabinet.

Lower the smell

–  Compactness & quality –

Most of the time there is a bad smell and, in some cases, even headaches and irritations warn users about the harmful emissions of 3D printers. Active carbon granules lower the smells significantly, and chronic symptoms from toxicity can be prevented from long-term exposure.

Why chose alveo3D filter?



filter and fan range

Alveo3D does provide filters specifically designed for Prusa Research 3D printer Enclosure

1. Custom-made filter

We are willing to explore the best solution according to your machine and requirements. In order to provide the optimal filtering system for your 3D printer range and maintain your machine performance.

2. Efficiency proved

We designed filters with high-quality filtering materials. This efficiency is improved with dedicated materials for harmful emissions from 3D printers’ filaments. Our filters are better at removing UFPs and VOCs than standard air purifier filters on the public market.

3. Printing quality

The air filtering creates an airflow that must be contained to avoid any warping effects during printing. We can assist you during the air filtering integration process to manage the aeraulic flux.

4. Customization

We design all our products in France and we have full flexibility in our products. We can modify almost all specifications of our systems to offer full compatibility with your machine.

filter and fan range

Alveo3D does provide filters specifically designed for Prusa Research 3D printer Enclosure

You want to integrate an efficient filtering system or enclose a 3D printer ?

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