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1. All industries

We are experts in filtering 3D printing harmful emissions. Through this path, our team develops abilities and knowledge to provide efficient air filtering solutions for other industries with a production capacity.

2. Our solutions

Our custom-made compact air filtering is defined by building air filter up to 200×200 mm and the complete filtering system including fan and electronic. We can build air filter on specific requirements to treat a wide range of polluants.

3. Protos & series

We can provide prototype declinaisons and small series. With the 3d printing we can provide affordable models and offer multiple update that mass production idustry cannot. 

4. Assembling & test

We have our own laboratory with a testbed to control and measure all our produced systems. Filters can be tested individually et provided with a complete test report.

air filter concept
from ideation to production

4 services our team can do

Our expertise in compact air filtering to serve your project 



conception filter system


– Electronic & CAD –

Does your project require a compact air filtering system? We can design a specific filter and fan case according to your specifications. We can implement an electronic controller as well if needed.

specific activated carbon


– Expertise & materials –

In order to offer the best filtering solution, Alveo3D filters can be made with wide range of filtering materials to catch harmful emissions you spotted. We can make tests in laboratory to provide scientific proof. 

prototyping customised air filtering system


– Test bed –

With our know-how in 3D modelizing and electronic design, we can provide a working prototype. We can produce unique pieces or series for filters only or for a complete air filtering system.

production of small quantity


– Small and medium series –

To deliver a global service, we can ensure small and medium-size series production for your specific pieces. If mass production is needed, we can work with our partner specialized in filter assembling.  

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