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UM55 filter 3D FDM printer

Compatible with Ultimaker S5 and S7 AIR Manager systems

UM55 = UltiMaker +55 mm for the thickness of HEPA 13 filter and activated carbon. This innovative filter effectively captures fine particles and VOCs via your Ultimaker 3D FDM printer.

Breathe clean, healthy air thanks to effective multi-level filtration:

  • HEPA13 filter: captures 99.95% of for the most penetrating particle size (MPPS) 300 nm and larger, including viruses, bacteria and allergens.
  • Activated carbon: 1-3 mm activated carbon granules eliminate VOCs and unpleasant odors released by printing filaments.

49,99 Inc. VAT

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the UM55 filter is designed for use with ultimaker air manager filtration systems

it is dedicated to fdm printing with pla, petg, tpu, pc filaments etc…

Combined HEPA 13 and activated carbon filter media

Enhance Air Manager Ultimaker with filter UM55

  1. Advanced filtration: The UM55 filter uses a pleated HEPA13 filter combined with activated carbon-impregnated cotton. HEPA13 is known for its ability to capture at least 99.95% of particles 300 nm in size, which is essential for minimizing harmful emissions from materials used in 3D printing.
  2. Activated carbon: It plays a crucial role in absorbing odors and treating VOCs. Charcoal is chosen for its ability to maintain efficiency over a long period, with a service life of 900 hours.
  3. Optimized airflow: In addition to filtering out harmful particles and odors, the UM55 is also designed to optimize airflow inside the print box. This helps maintain a constant temperature and avoid fluctuations that could affect print quality.
UM55 filtre dans Ultimaker S7
Filter UM55 vs Air manager Ultimaker

Specifically for FDM printing

Perfect compatibility with Ultimaker Air Manager systems

✅ Convenient and easy integration into the Air Manager filtration systems of Ultimaker S5 and S7, making it an ideal solution for users looking to improve the air quality around their 3D printer without the need for complicated modifications.

✅ Simple installation and replacement (less than a minute): The UM55 filter is designed to be easily installed and replaced, enabling users to effectively maintain their filtration system without the need for special technical expertise.

✅ Addition of activated carbon: Improves VOC and odor absorption, which is absent in the original filter.

✅ Consistent seal design

✅ Lower price: Provides a more economical solution without compromising quality.

UM55 HEPA 13 filter & activated carbon

Filter composition

schéma de la vue explosée du filtre P3D
cadre imprimé

Nylon grille

Nylon mesh protects HEPA media to prevent any deterioration in filtration performance.

surface HEPA


Pleated HEPA media in grade 13 glass fiber, EN1822-certified, provides protection against emitted nanoparticles.

charbon actif

Cardboard frame

Cardboard structure to reduce plastic waste, contributes to the filter’s reduced weight and specific design.

joint silicone

Activated carbon

150 g of Activated Carbon mixture for VOC treatment specific to 3D printing.

Joint EPDM

Withdrawal tab

The UM55 version has no tabs; the filter is removed by grasping the cardboard frame.


5mm EPDM foam

EPDM foam all-round and on the front for maximum sealing of the joint.

Compatible with Ultimaker S5 & S7 Air Manager filtration systems

Compact & lightweight

235x145x65 mm | 420 g

Quick changeover

less than a minute

Long-lasting efficiency

900 hours

dimension UM55

📝 Notes:

Less favorable operating conditions (filaments such as ABS, PC, ASA) :

  • Recommended life: 900 hours
  • Operating temperature: 45°C-60°C
  • Humidity: high
  • Ambient dust: present

Intensive use:

Corresponds to approx. 3 months’ use


  • Change the filter every 6 months after opening, even if the recommended service life has not been reached.
  • Change filter every 3 months for intensive use.
  • Change the filter more often if you use high-emission filaments (ABS, PC, ASA) or if you print in difficult conditions (high temperature, humidity, dust).
  • Change the filter less frequently if you use low-emission filaments (PLA, PETG, TPU) or if you print under normal conditions (ambient temperature, low humidity, little dust).

Replace your Ultimaker Air Manager filter with UM55

The filter for 3D FDM printers

60€ HT    49,99€ TTC


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