alveoONE – assembled –

The filterbox for 3D printers ready to use

The most affordable and ready to use a filtering system for 3D printers. it removes bad smells from printing and provides high protection against harmful emissions. alveoONE is a wall mounted filterbox for you 3D printer enclosures.

This kit will be printed, assembled and tested by us.

You can choose the combination of materials :

The alveoONE case is printed in PETG / ABS .



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alveoONE-R noir et vert
polluants émis par l'impression 3D


VOCs (volatile organic compounds: toxic gas), UFPs (ultrafine particles: nanoparticles). 3D printers are registered as high harmful emitters.

Filtre HEPA H13 conçu pour l'impression 3D

Made for 3D Printers

Our  HEPA filter P3D is designed for 3D printer emissions. 2 in 1  filter for the best protection against VOCs and UFPs.

contrôle électronique


Our solution is evolving to provide you more control and information to bring you efficient protection.

For non-airtight enclosure

alveoONE is a wall mounted filterbox extracting and filtering the air from your enclosure.


  • keep a stable temperature
  • Compact size
  • Printable cutting template
  • Perfect integration for all enclosure


alveoONE en pose façade

Unique Features

alveoONE is a wall mounted type for 3D printer in non-airtight enclosure. Extracting air by vacuum.



Less than 170 mm high, and not even 100 mm thick.

Wall mounted

A wall mounted type let you choose the best position for your enclosure.


Noise reduction

In an enclosure the fan noise is reduced.

Panel ajustement

With the ring adjustment you can mount alveoONE on panel from 1 to 10mm.

Easy filter replacement

Only 30 secondes is enough to change the filter.


Temperature stabilization

Extracting air allows temperature stabilization

HEPA Filter P3D

We designed our filter, especially for 3D printers. They have 3 to 6 months lifetime according to your printing time and materials you print.

  • easy filter replacing
  • highly reduce odors
  • caught UFPs & VOCs

Protect yourself is a must, we are surrounded by too many pollution sources, avoid 3D printing source is simple with Alveo3D. Look at the filter after only 200 hours of printing.


Filtre P3D avant et après 200 h d'utilisation
élèments non imprimables du kit alveoONE

Discover Pack

P3D filter 2 in 1: hepa H13 and Activated Carbon

DC power supply 24V

Screw bundle M3 and M4

High Pressure Fan: 120 mm 24V

V1 Electronic Board linked with V2 controller

Sealing EPDM cord to ensure no airleaks

Easy To Install

Only 3 Steps to mount alveoONE on your enclosure. After to cut your panel according to the template just need to place the filterbox, position the ring from behind then tighten.

alveoONE étape 1 fixation sur panneau
alveoONE étape 2 fixation sur panneau
alveoONE étape 3 fixation sur panneau

Technical Specifications

Dimensions et Weight

HxLxW : 172*154*90mm

Assembled kit weight: 805g


Air treatment

34 m3/h

20 CFM

Treatment VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): Gas

Treatment UFPs (Ultr fine particles): Nanoparticles


Ready to use. Mount and start.

Filter P3D

DC Power supply  230v-24v


Sealing EPDM cords

Fan 24v 120*120*25mm

V1 Electronic Board 24v

Disassembly instructions

Power and consumption

Voltage : 24v

Power : 10W

Operational telltale : superGreen LED

Switch On/Off


1m away from alveoONE outside enclosure : 57dB

1m away inside enclosure : 48dB

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Don’t miss the opportunity to protect yourself and print in a safe environment. We are 3D printer lovers but we dislike odors and pollution. Choose alveoONE – ASSEMBLED – and print safely.

(1 customer review)

119,99 Inc. VAT

1 review for alveoONE -assembled-

  1. Tim Brackmann (verified owner)

    Great filter system!
    I purchased the system along with the V2 Controller and Air Intakes for a self built case. The goal was also to print materials like ASA in the office. The first impression is fantastic! No more odors when printing, from which I conclude that the VOC’s are reliably filtered out.


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