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Why choose custom solution ?

4 benefits of 3D printing enclosure

icône de protection

High protection for users and machine

Protect your operators against numerical control machines and harmful emissions from plastic extrusion. Avoid the risk of injuries, fire, or chemical exposition while protecting your machine from the work environment.

icône outil de maintenance

Improve your technical prints

Technical filaments require a stable environment. Stable temperature and airflow can be provided by an enclosure around the hotbed. It can help to avoid the warping effect or other negative events during printing.

icône outil de maintenance

Boost your 3D printer productivity

With the anti-dust grid air intakes, the 3D printers will be less exposed to dust and space out maintenance operations. In the enclosure, the air is dryer than outside which will reduce the deformation of filament diameter caused by humidity.

icône haut parleur barré

Reduce noise disturbance from machine

Office, small room, or specific space needs a very low noise level. Reduce the noise disturbance of the 3D printer with the cabinet. Which can be very appreciated by operators and coworkers in offices and classrooms.

Full custom conception

We are striving to understand your needs and work on a 3D model before manufacturing

3D artworkReal enclosure

Custom cabinet

for professional uses and educational purposes

– SLA & FDM 3D printers – 





We are striving to understand your needs according to your printer and your work environment in order to offer the perfect cabinet size, opening doors, and elements position…

gamme caissons sur mesure
schéma filtration


Optimized air filtering

Equipped with the filtering system AlveoONE, users, and operators will be protected against harmful emissions from the filament extruding. The filter is specially designed for the 3D printing to catch ultrafine particles and VOCs.


Structure légère et résistante

Structure made with aluminium profiles and 4 mm polycarbonate sheets which ensure and high resistance to choc and heat. Clear transparency of the polycarbonate will help to visualize your print.

caisson avec structure légère
carte électronique v2


Electronic controller

Track your filter lifespan and replace it on time. Manage the fan speed to regulate the airflow and stabilize the temperature in the enclosure and reduce the noise. Program the filtration cycle and timer to extend your filter lifetime.


Expertise and customization

In addition to the custom-made service, we can offer on-demand accessories and functionalities to improve safety and daily use.

caisson personnalisé
accessoires pour caisson



Fire safety, shelves for storage, opaque panel for UV safety (SLA printing),
lighting, filament spool holder…

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Custom sized enclosure for 3D printer from 500 €.


Box enclosure

6 sides closed enclosure

caisson pour imprimantes 3D , six faces

Dome enclosure

Case without bottom panel

caisson cloche pour imprimante 3D

Multicase enclosure

Cabinet for multiple 3D printers and storage

caisson double et étagères
box legend

Enclosures for 3D printer

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