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Smart smoke detector & connected socket

Complies with European Standard EN14604

The wireless smoke detector and connected socket duo provides protection against electrical fires.

Application :

  • Household
  • 3D Printer
  • Electrical equipment

Worried about a fire in your 3D printer or other electronic equipment?

The wireless smoke detector sends a radio signal to the electrical socket to cut off power to your 3D printer.

39,90 Inc. VAT

Delivery in Europe
In stock : Ships in 2-3 days
the wireless smoke detector controls one to 10 sockets connected via a 433mz radio signal
the connected plug is easy to install on french and european sockets to protect your appliances
Smart smoke sensor and connected electrical socket

360° detection

The smoke detector offers complete 360-degree coverage, ensuring accurate smoke detection regardless of the origin of the fire in the room.
Smart smoke sensor in 3D printer enclosure

High-pitched alarm

Equipped with a high-frequency alarm, this device effectively alerts all occupants with a clear, piercing sound, increasing the chances of a quick and safe evacuation.
Smart smoke sensor in 3D printer cabinet

High-quality chip

High-quality chip guarantees flawless reliability and performance, minimizing false alarms while maximizing responsiveness
Smart smoke sensor

Quick alarm

React immediately in the event of danger thanks to this system, which triggers an alarm at the first sign of smoke, giving you precious time to act and evacuate.
the wireless smoke detector controls

Configuration facile

Simple configuration and automatic pairing between detector and connected socket, with no manual intervention required
smoke detection + 2 plugs

Long-range radio frequency

The long-range wireless connection between detector and socket (100 meters) ensures effective communication even over long distances, ideal for large homes or complex installations.
How does it work?
When the smoke detector triggers the alarm, the control socket cuts power and stops the source of the electrical fire.
(Function test button): This smoke detector is equipped with a function test button for function testing. This enables the smoke detector to be reset after an alarm or to return to monitoring mode. See more in the carousel on the right 👉
Intelligent fire safety and connected electrical control
Sécurité incendie intelligente dans un caisson
  1. Turn counter-clockwise and open hanging bracket
  2. Remove insulating film around batteries before use
  3. Attach bracket to ceiling
  4. Turn clockwise to attach alarm

With this kit, you can easily fix the detector to the ceiling using screws.

Recommended locations
For homes: It’s essential to install a smoke detector in the hallway leading to the bedrooms, so that the signal can be heard by all. However, it is recommended to install at least one detector on each level of the home.

For 3D printer users: we particularly recommend installing a smoke detector directly on the ceiling of the printer enclosure.

Caisson imprimante 3D + détecteur de fumée
le système de filtration d'air du Printbox
The Package
The set includes :

  • Instructions for use
  • A500 wireless photoelectric smoke detector
  • Notice mounting kit
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Radio-controlled wireless plug (model ES9938)

Duo fire safety: Alarm & socket

Smoke detector & connected socket

schéma de la vue explosée du filtre P3D

Quick installation

2 piles AA fournies

Grande autonomie

2-3 ans


Long distance 100 meters


dimensions du P3DL

FAQ about smart smoke detectors & connected sockets

1. It is possible to connect one detector to multiple sockets or multiple detectors to a single socket ?

The A500 wireless photoelectric smoke detector and the wireless radio-controlled socket (model ES9938):

Connecting one detector to multiple sockets (No limited):

  • Plug each socket into the mains.
  • Press the side button of each socket until the red light flashes, then release.
  • Activate the test mode of the detector by pressing its red button.
  • Repeat this operation for each socket you wish to connect to the same detector.

Connecting multiple detectors (10 maximum) to a single socket:

  • Plug the socket into the mains.
  • Press the side button of the socket until the red light flashes, then release.
  • Activate the test mode of each detector individually, using the same socket for all.

This allows you to expand the coverage of detection and control in different spaces while using the same wireless communication system between the detectors and sockets.

2. How do I pair these devices (detector + sockets)?

To pair a detector with one or more sockets (or vice versa):

Preparation of the socket:

  • Plug the radio-controlled socket into a power source.
  • Press the side button of the socket until the red light begins to flash, then release the button. The red light should continue to flash, indicating that the socket is in pairing mode.

Pairing with the detector:

  • Activate the smoke detector by pressing its TEST button (usually located on the detector itself). This button may be marked with a symbol or a distinctive color.
  • If the red light on the socket stops flashing and stays on or turns off, this indicates that the pairing was successful.

Confirmation of the pairing:

  • Test the system by activating the detector’s test mode again. When the detector is activated, the socket should respond (for example, the red light may turn off or the device may cut the electrical power to simulate a reaction in case of smoke detection).


French development in the heart of the Alps


Delivered from France


07 67 74 29 83
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2-year warranty for all

Protect yourself with the smoke detector & connected socket duo

Fire safety for 3D printers

49€ HT    39.90€ TTC


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