High Pressure Fan HEPA – ALHP2425-H8

The perfect fan for HEPA H13 filter

This air fan specifications have been choosen to fit with our HEPA Filter P3D in order to let the air pass trought the filter at the proper speed.


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Ventilateur alveo3D haute pression

High-Tech Fan

A HEPA H13 filter has a huge air resistance. A regular PC cooling fan is clearly not good enough. Our very powerful fan ALHP-2425-H8 is a fan for HEPA especially made to generate the required high pressure. It is needed to reduce pressure losses from the filter.  Alveo3D deals with noise disturbance and find the best compromise between airflow/ static pressure/ noise.


Ventilateur alveo3D haute pression vs. ventilateur standard

Optimal efficiency with HEPA H13 Filter P3D :  power, speed, airflow, and static pressure have been chosen for the most compatibility with the filter P3D.

Ventilateur alveo3D haute pression

Features Fan ALHP2425-H8

2 Balls bearing

Stuck motor safety


Speed control with PWM

Accelerating Controlled

Minimum 70000 hrs lifetime

Tachymeter function

Technical Specifications

Dimensions et Weight

HxLxW : 120*120*25mm

Weight: 190g



1m away : 65dB

Air Flow

Air Flow: 126 CFM

Speed : 4000 rpm

Power and consumption

Voltage : 24v

Power : 9,6W

Tachymeter function

Connector kk 4 pins

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Don’t miss the opportunity to protect yourself and print in safe environment. We are 3D printer lovers but we dislike odors and pollutions. High pressure fan available now!

19,99 Inc. VAT


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