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P3D-R filter for 3D printer FDM

HEPA13 filter + activated carbon

The P3D-R filter, designed to work with AlveoDIY (available soon), Original Prusa Enclosure, BCN3D EPSILON W50, W27 captures hazardous emissions and odors from 3D printing filaments.

Thanks to its HEPA 13 filter made of cotton and activated carbon, it retains 99.95% of 300 nm particles. The activated carbon, chosen for its effectiveness against odors and VOCs, guarantees an extended service life of 600 hours.

19,99 Inc. VAT

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The P3D-R is a filter designed to capture fumes and particles emitted from 3D printers FDM

the activated carbon adsorbs odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

A combination of a HEPA 13 filter and activated carbon to trap toxic emission

Filtre P3D-R impression FDM de bureau

The P3D-R filter is designed for desktop FDM 3D printers and works with a wide range of filaments, such as ABS, PLA, PET/PETG, HIPS, Nylon and many others.

It effectively eliminates VOCs (styrene and benzene) and UFPs, which are released by some 3D printing filaments and can cause respiratory and other health problems.

2 filtres P3DR alveo3D


P3D: The fan pushes the air through the P3D filter, which captures particles and emissions, then expels the filtered air. This can create a slight backflow of air around the edges of the filter, but most of the air follows a direct path.

It is installed outside the 3D printer enclosure, which is convenient for accessibility and maintenance purposes.



P3D-R: The fan draws the air through the P3DR filter before discharging it. This method reduces the risk of backflow, as all the air is drawn through the filter before being propelled.

It is designed for installation inside the housing, optimizing filtration efficiency by capturing emissions directly before they disperse into the environment.

Airflow behavior for Filter Alveo3D

HEPA filter & activated carbon

P3D-R filter composition

schéma de la vue explosée du filtre P3D
cadre imprimé

Nylon grille

Nylon mesh protects HEPA media to prevent any deterioration in filtration performance.

surface HEPA


Pleated HEPA media in grade 13 impregnated cotton, EN1822-certified, provides protection against emitted nanoparticles.

charbon actif

Cardboard frame

Cardboard structure, to reduce plastic waste, contributes to the filter’s reduced weight and specific design.

joint silicone

Activated carbon

Activated carbon mixture for VOC treatment specific to 3D printing.

Joint EPDM

Withdrawal tab

The tabs allow the filter to be removed from its location without the risk of touching polluted surfaces.


5mm EPDM foam

EPDM foam all-round and at the front for maximum sealing of the joint.

Compact & lightweight

124x124x44 mm | 150 g


less than a minute

Durable efficiency

600 hours

Filtre alveo3d-P3DR

Protect yourself from Nanoparticles with P3D-R filter

Get your P3D-R filter today

19.99€ TTC


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