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P3DL filter for resin 3D printers

HEPA 13 & activated carbon for resin 3D printer

The P3DL is compatible with the filtering system of the PrintBOX enclosure.

The P3DL is the air filtering solution to remove the odors and catch the harmful emissions of the resin used in 3D printing.

The filter is composed of pleated glass fiber HEPA 13 and an extended quantity of activated carbon.

The activated carbon is specifically chosen to reduce the smell and catch all VOCs during its 600 hours of use.

Made in France.

30,00 Inc. VAT

Delivery in Europe
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The P3DL filter is specifically designed to treat harmful emissions from 3D printing.

The P3DL filter is also recommended for post-processing steps such as wash and cure, uv, etc…

HEPA 13 and activated carbon in a single filter

P3DL filter for PrintBox

The P3DL HEPA filter offers printing comfort thanks to a design specific to the 3D printing air filtration system. Indeed, the P3DL HEPA filter allows for a high filtration efficiency of nanoparticles and other volatile organic compounds released into the air during 3D printing. The activated carbon combination has been carefully developed to treat the VOCs released during 3D printing.

The HEPA P3DL filter differs from the HEPA P3D filter in that it has been redesigned to offer better absorption, thanks to its 50-millimetre-thick activated carbon layer. It is mainly intended for resin printers, which release more VOCs than filament printers.

vue intérieure du P3DL
le système de filtration d'air du Printbox

Made for resin printing

PrintBox compatibility
The P3DL filter is designed for the filtering system mounted on the PrintBOX enclosure. It removes the irritating smells and toxic emissions from the 3D printing process.
The quantity of the active carbon has been increased, and its composition has been carefully selected to provide the best solution for all desktop resin 3D printers.

HEPA filter  & Activated carbon

Filter composition

schéma de la vue explosée du filtre P3D
cadre imprimé

Nylon mesh

Grid mesh for protecting the HEPA surface from scratches, and it avoids loss of filtering performance.
surface HEPA


Safety against emitted nanoparticles is ensured by the pleated glass fiber HEPA media certified grade 13 by the standard EN1822.
charbon actif

Cardboard frame

The cardboard frame reduces the plastic waste, the filter weight and provides a unique design for 3D printing.
joint silicone

Activated carbon

150g of a specific activated carbon mix to treat the VOCs emitted by 3D printing.
Joint EPDM


No tabs on the P3DL version, take off the filter by seizing the cardboard frame.

EPDM foam 5 mm

EPDM foam all over the frame and on the front to ensure the perfect airtightness
Compatible with PrintBOX (resin printing)

Compact & light

124x124x76 mm | 270 g

Easy replacement

Less than a minute

Lasting effectiveness

600 hours
dimensions du P3DL

Get your P3DL filter

HEPA filter for resin 3D printer

49€ HT    30€ Inc. VAT