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PrinterCase – Series

The Best Enclosure for 3D printers (Filtration system + Smoke detector and much more)

In addition to reducing noise, and filtering the air containing fine particles and volatile organic compounds, this ventilated aluminum printer enclosure will allow you to print technical materials with ease while preserving your health.

Made in France. This product is available in 3 sizes.

Shipping in Europe – Delivered in kit.


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To eliminate harmful emissions

Improve print quality

Why buy an enclosure of 3D printer?

4 benefits from 3D printer enclosure

Temperature control

The enclosure protects against draughts and offers a warmer and more stable environment for your 3D printer. Deformation and bad adhesion risks on the print bed are reduced.

3D printer enclosure safety

During a 3D print, filament emits harmful and unpleasant odors. Then the enclosure contains and filters these emissions and then evacuates them into a safe environment.


Noise reduction

If your 3D printer is noisy, the noise can be reduced with the enclosure from 4 to 6 dB, making your working space quieter and calmer.

Better material protection

The enclosure and the anti-dust grids on the air intake limit the amount of dust on your printer. Maintenance operations will be reduced and you will gain productivity.


Useful and elegant enclosure for 3D printers

3D Printer Cabinet

The aluminium 3D printer enclosure is distinguished from its competitors by its particularly light and rigid structure and its aluminium profiles, which give it a sober and modern look. Its large transparent front door allows you to access your 3D creations easily and safely. Thus, you can keep an eye on them throughout the whole production process.

caisson aluminium pour imprimante 3D
système de filtration

Air filtering system for 3D printers

Optimized air filtering system

The 3D printer enclosure is provided with an air filtering system designed to treat harmful emissions from 3D printers. The filtering device is composed of a high-efficiency filter and a power fan. This couple is perfectly appropriate to generate an airflow from 10 to 40 m3/h which is the ideal range to respect the FDM additive manufacturing process.

In addition, the fan speed according to the filament type can be managed by the V2 electronic board as well as the filtering time, in order to filter the enclosure volume only during the printing process and extend your filter lifetime.

P3D filtre pour imprimante 3D

HEPA 13 and activated carbon

HEPA P3D filter

The aluminium 3D printer enclosure is fitted with a specially designed 3D air filtration system: the P3D HEPA filter, which is also available for individual purchase.

The P3D HEPA filter provides high-efficiency filtration of nanoparticles and other volatile organic compounds up to 99.95% released into the air during 3D printing. The activated carbon combination has been carefully developed to treat the VOCs released during 3D printing.

lumière caisson

3D printer enclosure with LED lighting

Embedded lighting

Fitted with internal LED ribbon lighting, the printer enclosure allows you to work with precision at any time of day.

Accessories enclosure for 3D printers

Anti-dust grids and cable

Air intake grids can be cleaned. The air inlet is calculated to generate the optimal airflow to create a lower pressure inside the enclosure and avoid polluted air leaks.

The cable feed-through system is designed to be universal and practical. To power your 3D printer and connect it via any type of computer link (USB, RJ45…,)

grille entrée d'air et passage de cable
Intelligent fire safety and connected electrical control
Sécurité incendie intelligente dans un caisson
Connected Smoke Alarm + Smart Plug (Free)

Worried about fire hazards while 3D printing?🔥? We had to find a solution. The system detects smoke and instantly cuts off the power supply using a radio signal, thus preventing fires from starting. These devices implement one of the first safety measures: cutting off the energy.

Industrial manufacturing quality

Designed and printed in France

passage de filament extérieur

Filament passageway

A spool holder can be placed on the top panel of the enclosure, holes on top let the filament go inside the enclosure easily and frictionlessly.
joint silicone panneau

U silicone seal

The U silicone seals between each panel ensure airtightness and reduce vibrations.

profilé spécifique

Aluminium profile

The aluminum structure offers a rigid enclosure, resistance and lightness with the possibility to add customized accessories inside the enclosure with the standard rail on the profile.

joint panneau du bas

EPDM foam seal

PMMA panels are placed on an EPDM foam seal in order to improve the overall structure’s airtightness and noise reduction from the 3D printer.

aimant fermeture porte

Magnet lock

Swing doors are equipped with magnets to make closing enclosures easier .
poignée caisson

3mm PMMA panels

The enclosure is composed of 4 transparent panels which offer a 360° view of the 3D printer. 

3 sizes are available for the 3D printer enclosure

Series 900

External dimensions : 780 x 780 x 906 mm
Internal dimensions : 765 x 763 x 900 mm

Door width : 700 mm
Door height : 870 mm

taille caisson imprimante 3D modèle 900

Series 800

External dimensions : 680 x 680 x 806 mm
Internal dimensions : 662 x 661 x 800 mm

Door width : 600 mm
Door height : 770 mm

taille caisson imprimante 3D modèle 800

Series 600

External dimensions : 616 x 616 x 606 mm
Internal dimensions : 598 x 597 x 600 mm

Door width : 536 mm
Door height : 570 mm

taille caisson imprimante 3D modèle 600

Make sure the enclosure is compatible with your 3D printer

  • Cartesian : include the full motion of the bed
  • Spool : Anticipate where to place the spool (inside or outside the enclosure)
  • Dimensions : Take the enclosure internal dimensions into account
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1. Do we need an enclosure for a 3D printer?

1. Do we need an enclosure for a 3D printer?

Yes, it is advisable to use an enclosure for your 3D printer, especially one equipped with features like emission control, temperature stability, and safety considerations. This provides a controlled environment, reduces potential health risks, and enhances overall safety during the printing process.

Additionally, incorporating a smoke detector and a surge-proof control outlet adds an extra layer of safety, enabling you to monitor potential problems. We also recommend using a PWM controller board V2 as a remote control to manage an Alveo3D filterbox. Fully compatible with alveoONE and alveoONE-R, it offers numerous features such as speed control, filter lifespan, timer settings, and more.

2. Is 3D printing without an enclosure safe?

No, we do not recommend 3D printing without an enclosure. Considerations include emissions from certain materials and potential fire hazards. Using an enclosure can provide additional safety measures, especially when working with specific materials or in uncontrolled environments.

3. Do PETG and PLA need an enclosure ?

Neither PETG nor PLA really needs an enclosure. However, using the enclosure can provide some benefits to both materials, and in some cases it may even be necessary.


  • Generally prints well without an enclosure: PLA has minimal warping and doesn’t require high printing temperatures.
  • Benefits of an enclosure: Can slightly improve print quality by reducing drafts and maintaining a more consistent temperature. This can be helpful for larger prints or prints with fine details.


  • Less prone to warping than PLA: PETG has a low thermal expansion, so it generally prints well without warping even without an enclosure.
  • Benefits of an enclosure: Can be helpful for very large prints or prints with complex geometries to further minimize warping risk. Can also improve print consistency and surface finish.
4. Does a 3D printer enclosure need ventilation?

Yes, a 3D printer enclosure needs ventilation to control emissions, dissipate heat, regulate temperature, manage odors, and ensure proper air circulation for a safer and more effective printing environment.

When setting up ventilation for a 3D printer enclosure, it’s essential to consider the type and efficiency of the ventilation system, as well as its compatibility with the specific 3D printing materials being used. Besides, some enclosures come with built-in filtration systems to enhance air quality further.

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    Superb work from Alveo3D! From the packaging to the assembly instructions, the shipping is fast, everything is perfect. I recommend 100% even if the enclusre is not the cheapest on the market, there is no no equivalent open source and print quality.


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