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Case study : Lattice Medical

How Lattice Medical overcame particle challenges in cleanrooms

I. About Lattice Medical

Lattice Medical was founded in 2017, a company specializing in tissue engineering, biomaterials and 3D printing. Lattice Medical has developed 2 devices: MATTISSE is a 3D-printed absorbable breast prosthesis, and RODIN is a matrix enabling hypodermis regeneration.

Business sector

  • Manufacture of medical equipment.

Company size

  • 20 people.

Head office

  • 80 rue du Docteur Yersin, Loos, France


  • Custom Enclosure
  • AlveoPro

Customer since 2019

Lattice Medical homepage

II. The Challenges

1. High particulate emissions

Filament extrusion emitted too many particles, making it impossible to comply with ISO7 cleanroom standards.

2. Space constraints

The option of using another space with a less stringent ISO standard was not viable, as there was no suitable available space offered by Cousin Surgery.

3. Impact of emissions on operations

The level of particulate pollution from extrusion was too high to allow the machines to be used in the ISO7 cleanroom without adaptation.

III. Our Solutions

1. Why choose the Alveo3D solution ?

When we started setting up our pilot plant between 2019 and 2020, there weren’t many solutions for shutting down the printers. What’s more, the systems were designed for very specific machine models.

What’s more, we wanted to enclose an extruder (not a 3D printer), so we had to find someone capable of making custom enclosures.

Then we came across your stand at the 3D Print show in Lyon 2019, and said to ourselves “bingo“, we’ve found a solution that meets our specific needs.

Caisson sur measure alveo3D pour Lattice Medical
Caisson sur measure alveo3D pour Lattice Medical

2. What specific models of Alveo3D enclosure or filters have you used ?

In the early days, I believe there was only one type of filter. So, we had adapted this filter to our custom-built cabinet.

Over time, however, we realized that the 1ᵉʳ filter model was not sufficient. And so in 2022, we got back in touch to find out how we could optimize the solution we had.

So we got back in touch and had several technical exchanges to define our needs more precisely. So we switched to the AlveoPRO system, and were one of the first to test and purchase it.

3. What was the installation process like?

Installation and integration went very quickly. The housing was delivered pre-assembled, and the filtration system can be fitted very quickly. Finally, operation is very simple, with no room for error, with the choice of ventilation intensity and time.

However, Alveo3D has always been very responsive to our requests and very accommodating. I’m thinking in particular of the pre-tests of the AlveoPRO system. In fact, we were able to use the prototypes as a preview to find out whether the system could meet our needs.

caisson pour extrudeur plastique
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IV. Results

  • Reduced particulate emissions: Ability to continue using extruders under cleanroom conditions, in compliance with ISO7 standards.
  • Other advantages and disadvantages: Ease of use and challenges such as heat management in the chamber.

“The Alveo3D system provided a solution to a production particulate contamination problem. This solution enabled us to comply with the particle threshold in cleanrooms (ISO7), while extruding a polymer filament.”

Kevin Roux

Process R&D Engineer, Lattice Medical

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