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alveo3D local workshop


  • In 2018, in Chambéry France, the Alveo3D project began. The FLEXEE SYSTEM team, initially in household appliances, became Alveo3D with a focus on additive manufacturing safety.

  • After several months of development, our boutique will be launched in February 2019 with the AlveoONE and AlveoONE-R models.

The first lockdown Covid-19

  • In March 2020, the Alveo3D team moved to a small workshop in La Motte-Servolex, a week before the first lockdown. A year dedicated to the development of the product range, a little forced due to the health crisis

Direct consequences of the health crisis

  • The range of services has been extended with the creation of an in-house measurement bench, dedicated to filter efficiency testing and performance evaluation of fan/filter combinations.

Prusa partnership

  • A new partnership between Prusa and Alveo3D has begun to integrate a filtration system into the housings dedicated to their machines.

Reinforced team

  • In January, the first recruitment is launched and Coralie joins the team to take charge of production and order preparation. The same year, Elisa and Noémie join the ranks of Alveo3D. Helga, Marketing Manager, joins Alveo3D in September.


  • Alveo3DPrint is launched, the new on-demand 3D printing service. A service that responds to the constant requests of professionals and individuals…

The founding team

From makers to specialists 

photo Lucas


Management and analysis

Lucas studied science and business management. Since his formation in geomatics and local development, he has been very sensitive to health matters and became a professional firefighter. Today, as CEO of  Alveo3D, he uses his analytical skills to meet the specific demands of the industry.

photo Victor


 – Industrial air purifier designer

After international training, and before joining the Alveo3D adventure, Victor worked for almost a year in a design agency specializing in electrical appliances and air purification. He has learned to supervise product design: from the identification of the demand to the manufacture. And so, via the study, the use, the ideas and suggestions, the 3D modelling, and the sourcing from foreign subcontractors.

photo Laurent


Electronics and Programming

Laurent is a DUT GEII graduate but also an autodidact, passionate about electronic and computer development. He is the technical cornerstone of Alveo3D, able to design some of the tools needed to produce Alveo3D products. He created the compact filtration measurement bench dedicated to 3D printing, a unique tool capable of measuring filtration efficiency.

First prototype creation

First P3D filtration test

First P3D efficiency test

The know-how

Recognized expertise and a network of specialists


The know-how

Products and services

We offer a complete range of products and services dedicated to safety in polymer additive manufacturing. With a range of enclosures for FDM and resin 3D printers and very high-efficiency air filtration systems. Our services include the manufacture of custom enclosures, the design and production of custom filters and filtration systems, and the testing of the efficiency of our filtration solutions.

Le savoir-faire alveo3D
le banc de test alveo3D

Analysis, tests, and certifications

Measuring bench

The Alveo3D measuring bench is a unique and essential tool to guarantee the efficiency of the different filtration systems available. Today, only the EN1822 norm certifies filtration quality. However, this certification is not adequate, because it guarantees an efficiency rate on particles around 300 nm, whereas 3D printing emits particles mainly from 10 to 100 nm. The Alveo3D measurement bench allows us to extend the tests and obtain filtration efficiency over a wide range going from 7 to 5,000 nm.

Network of experts

Alveo3D Partners

Alveo3D became specialized in the safety and filtration of polymer additive manufacturing, by developing its network of collaborators. Thanks to our proximity to several risk study centers such as INRS in France or BFR in Germany, we keep ourselves informed of the latest recommendations and techniques in terms of risk management.

Our geographical location allows us to have privileged contacts with local actors specialized in particle studies, such as the Nano-safety platform of Liten based at CEA Grenoble. And many other partners in France and abroad in order to supply and assemble filtration systems with the highest qualification.

le réseau Alveo3D

Press Review

Alveo3D filter boxes have been designed to be 3D printed, with ease of use and easy replacement of filter cartridges. They combine a powerful high-pressure fan with a filter cartridge specially designed to combat the harmful emissions of FDM 3D printing…


The growing Chambéry-based start-up develops solutions to protect users from toxic emissions generated by 3D printers. It has raised 103,000 euros to accelerate its development. Filtering out toxic emissions from 3D printers…


Based on this observation and the absence of solutions on the market, a French company, Alveo3D has come up with a particle filtration system for 3D printers…


A simple turnkey solution for 3D printing filtering is this wall-mountable filter. Alveo3D makes a 3D printing filtration unit that will filter out both VOCs and ultrafine particles. Each filter is made of HEPA H13 and activated carbon …


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