3D printer enclosures - Bespoke size & features

Profesionnal enclosures, customizable size and features.


3D printers safety, noise reduction, temperature control, etc… Our enclosure will provide you a better work environment.

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Dedicated solutions

If you are looking for 3D printers enclosures with specific needs or size, we design them based on aluminum profiles and PMMA sheet.

gamme caissons sur messure
carte électronique de contrôle V2

Temperature controle

Electronic controller with a clear and intuitive interface displayed by LCD screen. Language in English only.


mousse isolante

Sound reduction

Acoustic foam provides a significant noise and shaking reduction.



Remove pollution, fire alarm and dusts filter to provide the best printing environment.

Unique Features

Our 3D printer enclosures can be provided with a many features to keep your working in a safe environement. 

Electronic Control

With the V2 Board control you will be able to know the temperature, control fan speed, be notified when you need to change the filter and more.

Temperature Sensor

In order to make better print we integrate a temperature sensor in the enclosure.

Dust Filter

Our 3D printer enclosures get dust filter to reduce dirt and increase the time between maintenance.

caisson de filtration en cloche

Pollution Filter

The enclosure can be provided with our alveoONE filterbox to protect your from 3D printers emissions and odors while it’s printing.

Noise Reduction

Our Enclosure can be designed with acoustic foam to significantly reduce noise from the 3D printer.

Smoke Detector

With a smoke detector, you will be alerted in case of fire.


AlveoONE is a wall mounted filtering box, it keeps temperature stable and it will remove odors and pollutions.

caisson avec filtration pose façade


AlveoONE-R  is based for airtight enclosure and recycling air inside the enclosure. It allows for keeping a high constant temperature.

caisson avec AlveoONE poru le recyclage de l'air

Electronic Control

Let’s control Alveo3D filterbox by connecting a simple 4 pins connector to the V2 electronic board.

Get all usefull information you need in one interface. 

3D du boitier de la carte V2 connectée à la carte V1 dans un boitier alveoONE

Very aesthetic integration

alveoONE is a wall mounted filterbox extracting and filtering the air from your enclosure.


  • High Efficiency Filtering 
  • Remove odors
  • Catch nanoparticles & VOCs
  • Perfect integration for all enclosure


alveoONE en pose façade

Assembled or in kit

According to your preference we can assembly and tests the enclosure in our workshop or we can send you in kit and let you mount all elements.

illustration d'un caisson avec alveoONE et la carte de contrôle V2

3D Printer Enclosures

Tell us want you need, we design it.

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