3D printer enclosures - Professional security

Profesionnal enclosures to protect operators


3D printers safety, noise reduction, temperature control, etc… Our enclosure will provide you a better work environment. They are made for confined spaces, offices, none ventilated printing room to prevent chemical risks for 3D printers.

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Why enclosed 3D printers

3D printer enclosures allow to : 

icône de filtration contre les particules

Filter harmful emissions

icône de protection

Protect operator and the machine

icône outil de maintenance

Reduce the machine maintenance


Control the temperature inside the enclosure


Reduce warping effects

icône haut parleur barré

Reduce noise level

Bespoke solutions for the additive manufacturing

We design dedicated solutions to fit with your printing space and professional needs. Our expertize includes a large type of filaments, other risks from 3D printers and available volume. 

caisson avec filtration pose façade

Unique Features

Our 3D printer enclosures can be provided with a many features to keep your working in a safe environement. 

Electronic Control

With the V2 Board control you will be able to know the temperature, control fan speed, be notified when you need to change the filter and more.

Temperature Sensor

In order to make better print we integrate a temperature sensor in the enclosure.

Dust Filter

Our 3D printer enclosures get dust filter to reduce dirt and increase the time between maintenance.

caisson de filtration en cloche

VOCs and nanoparticles filter

The enclosure can be provided with our alveoONE filterbox to protect your from 3D printers emissions and odors while it’s printing.

Noise Reduction

Our Enclosure can be designed with acoustic panel to significantly reduce noise from the 3D printer.

Smoke Detector

With a smoke detector, you will be alerted in case of fire.

Filtering system and Electronic Controller

Control Alveo3D filterbox with the V2 electronic board.

– Get filter saturation

– Fan speed

– Enclosure temperature

3D du boitier de la carte V2 connectée à la carte V1 dans un boitier alveoONE

Filtering system for 3D printers

If your printing room cannot be equipped with air extracting system, choose our filtering air system.


  • High-Efficiency Filtering 
  • Remove odors
  • Catch nanoparticles & VOCs
  • Perfect integration for all enclosure


alveoONE en pose façade

Bespoke enclosures for 3D printer from 500 € .



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Box enclosure

6 sides closed enclosure


Enclosure dome

Enclosure without bottom side, for large printer size


Cabinet enclosure

Cabinet for multiple 3d printers and storage

6 emplacements sur mesure pour imprimante 3D

What are the expected dimensions ?

Please check the printer dimensions including the bed motions, position of the power supply wire and the filament spool.

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Which filaments do you use ?

Which side do you want the door ?

Which side do you want the filtering system ?

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Option: do you want feet (about 5cm) :

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3D Printer Enclosures

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