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Safe 3D Printing at home & office

Efficient filtering kit efficient against odorsVOCs and nanoparticles.

Download free STL files

Printing time

30 to 40 hours

STL Files

Universal format

High-density file

Better 3D printing quality

Printing space

Less than 180 x 180mm

Common Creative license

no commercial use, author credit, share under same licence

Kit alveoONE

Extracting filterbox for non-airtight enclosures

Kit alveoONER

Recycling filterbox for an airtight enclosures

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The safer filtering kit, discover our shop.

Affordable and efficient, protect your environment and buy an Alveo3D kit!

FDM printing is a high nanoparticles and VOCs emitter.

Stop odors and pollution with a filtering kit Alveo3D.


Catch VOCs and odors


99,95% filter efficiency for UFPs

Get protection with ALVEO3D

Studies highlight risks about using 3D printers in closed spaces, offices or homes.

We are a French company based in Alps, we love 3D printers and fresh air.

You are a professional 

You are looking for a bespoke solution, we can help you.


French made in Alps


Available in European countries


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