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Certified and tested filtering system for 3D printers

The AlveoPRO professional air filtration for 3D printers combines the best assets to make 3D printing more efficient and safer. It can be adapted to all 3D printers or all printer enclosures thanks to its HEPA 14 filter / activated carbon and powerful suction system.

Designed and manufactured in our workshops in France, the AlveoPRO filtration box benefits from all our accumulated experience. Here all the functionalities are integrated into a single device that embeds an advanced electronic control.

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Our clients trust us for their safety

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Air filtering 3d printing

AlveoPRO air filtering system
The AlveoPRO air filtering device offers the best efficiency in terms of harmful emission treatment from 3D printers. Provided with a high efficiency filter and a powerful suction fan, you will be able to print all your projects eliminating nanoparticles and VOCs without jeopardizing your printing process.
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The AlveoPRO professional air filtration box has been designed to be easily adapted to all types of enclosures and 3D printers. Its sleek black anodised aluminium structure gives it a sober and modern look. Its anti-vibration pads provide remarkable stability, which is a particularly important point to avoid any risk of motion during printing. The AlveoPRO case comes with a suction duct pipe that can be extended up to 3 metres, giving you flexibility that provides a certain level of comfort when using your 3D printer.

The addition of an LCD screen was an essential solution for the evolution of the structure. This new feature allows you to remotely control a range of customised settings including fan speed in order to promote more or less rapid filtration, the wear and tear of the 14HEPA activated carbon and glass fibre filter to monitor its saturation and anticipate its replacement, and the setting of an automatic timer to improve the filter lifespan.

The integrated safety system informs you at any time of a breakdown. This means you can quickly react to an anomaly and resume your printing pattern. The USB port also allows you to regularly update the firmware of the box.

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HEPA 14 and activated carbon
M100 filter
The M100 filter has been designed to offer the best air filtration performance for the 3D printer environment, with an extended lifetime and a specific airflow. The M100 filter provides high efficiency on nanoparticles and other Volatile Organic Compounds with a HEPA 14-grade filter in glass fiber and a specific activated carbon blend for 3D printer filaments and resins.
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Activated carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, in granular form, which have been treated to be extremely porous. Its honeycomb structure allows these filters to absorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon. Adsorption is a separate process where organic compounds in the air react chemically with the activated carbon, causing them to stick to the filter. The more porous the carbon, the more contaminants it will pick up. When air encounters the H14 HEPA filter, ultrafine or nanoparticles, and pollutants are trapped on its inner surface.

The efficiency of HEPA 14 (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters is governed by the EN 1822 standard which defines 5 efficiency classes. The HEPA H14 filter we offer has the highest filtration efficiency, stopping 99.95% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 µm.

Why to choose air filtering AlveoPRO ?

6 benefits for your 3D printing needs

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Extended filter lifetime

At least 1500 hours of a lifetime for better productivity and simplified maintenance (replacement service)
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Extra filter efficiency

99.92% efficiency (tested) on nanoparticles from 10 to 200 nm emitted from FDM 3D printing.
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Improve your 3D prints

Adjustable airflow from 10 to 80 m3/h to protect up to 4 nozzles ( or 4 3D printers with a single nozzle) simultaneously.
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Electronic safety and visual warning

Fan / filter failure detection and HEPA saturation with a differential pressure sensor.
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Firmware update via USB

Adding features, improving the display interface and performance.

Light structure in aluminium

Compact design, tough and elegant for better integration in all work spaces.
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Safety for nanoparticles and VOCs

Professional efficiency
3D printing generates many micro-particles that are harmful to the body. Because of their size, the particles can pass through the lung walls and go directly into the bloodstream and organs. By using an AlveoPRO box, you protect yourself from nanoparticles and volatile organic compounds that are harmful to your health.
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The AlveoPRO solution combines all necessary features to meet professional needs. Specific filters for 3D printers guarantee to be the ideal solution to resolve the risks of all nanoparticles and VOCs from 3D printers without lowering your productivity. Managing the airflow is essential for 3D printing, especially the warping effect.  A constant airflow is generated by the AlveoPRO which can be adjusted between 10 and 80m3/h. You can be equipped with desktop 3D printers and also industrial 3D printers. You can adjust the air renewal rate for small to large printing volumes.
High efficiency and small size


201x201x200 mm


< 10kgs


Mountable hose customizable
dimensions AlveoPRO
Semi-rigid flexible
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Mount on 3D printer enclosures

  • Hose/ hose adapter provided : for 120mm / 90 mm fans
  • File .step can be modified for perfect compatibility
  • 3D modelling service for customized hose adapters
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Advanced interface for permanent filtering efficiency

Embedded electronic features

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Fan speed is adjustable according to print volume and the type of filament used to optimise printing results.

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Set timer based on printing time in order to preserve filter lifetime.
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Visualize the remaining filter lifetime and reset the counter when replacing the filter.
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Safety alert
Alerts will indicate if any errors are detected with the issue report to ease the return-to-service.
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Updating your AlveoPRO is allowed by the USB connector to get the latest features and improvements.




Customize your settings according to your printing environment: the number of nozzles, printing volume, buzzer, standby mode etc…

Get your AlveoPRO – M100

The professional air filtering system for your 3D printer

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