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M100 filter for AlveoPRO- HEPA 14 and optimised activated carbon

Certified and tested filter for 3D printer

The M100 filter is compatible with the air filtering system AlveoPRO.

This is the professional air filtering system to treat nanoparticles under 100 nm with an efficiency of over 99% thanks to the pleated glass-fiber HEPA 14 filter. The activated carbon is specifically selected to reduce odors and treat VOCs with a long lifespan of 1500 hours.

Designed and manufactured in France, the filter M100 offers the best filtering performance in the Alveo3D filter range.

156,00 Inc. VAT

Shipped in Europe

In stock: Shipping 2-3 days

Why do professionals choose the M100 filter?

Test M100 filter on measurement bench Alveo3D with ABS Prusament filament on Prusa MK3S+.
Measuring range : 10 – 200nm | PALAS UF-CPC100 | ABS 250°C

Average efficiency of the M100 filter is 99.92%
graphique efficacité M100 ABS

– Measure before M100 filter

– Measure after M100 filter

M100 filter HEPA 14 efficiency of 99.92% for nanoparticles from 10 to 200nm with ABS filament

Measurement tests and reports with the Alveo3D bench designed for 3D printed | on-demand service

The bundled Alveo3D know-how

AlveoPRO air filtering
The AlveoPRO professional air filtration box for 3D printers combines the best assets to make 3D printing more efficient and safer against harmful emissions. With the high-efficiency M100 filter and powerful ventilation, you will print all your projects safely away from nanoparticles and VOCs without jeopardising the printing process.
alveoPro avec le filtre M100
vue éclatée filtre M100

HEPA 14 and activated carbon

M100 filter

The M100 filter has been designed to offer the best air filtration performance for the 3D printer environment, with an extended lifetime, a specific airflow and a compact shape. The clean and precise sealing cord is assembled by a robot on its 3D printed shell to result in this very compact filter tank with the most efficient filter media.

Industrial manufacturing quality

Made in France

cadre imprimé

3D printed frame

Compact design saves volume and reduces overall system size compared with metallic frames.  

surface HEPA

Glass-fiber HEPA 14

The type of filter media is particularly efficient for particles under 200 nm generated from 3D printers.
charbon actif

Specific activated carbon

The activated carbon is mixed to treat the specific VOCs emitted from 3D printers.
joint silicone

Sealing HEPA filter

The high efficiency of the HEPA filter is guaranteed by flawless sealing between the HEPA media and the filter frame.

Joint EPDM

3mm EPDM sealing

The cord that seals all over each side of the frame is made by a robot.

Fabric handles

Handles are strongly embedded and will ease the take in/out of every filter replacement.

Design, prototyping, and small quantity for customized filter

On-demand filter service 

On-demand customized filters

  • Customization of filter media
  • Capacity to design on-demand frames
  • Full filter design service for small production
filtre P3DL face HEPA

AlveoPRO – M100 compatibility

Compact & light

175x175x105 mm | 1200 g

Quick replacement

replacement under a minute

Long-lasting effectiveness

1500+ hours

M100 HEPA 14 filter change

Get your filter M100

The professional filter for 3D printer

199€ HT    156€ incl. VAT


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