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〈 Service d’impression 3D désormais disponible avec Alveo3dPrint 〉

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HEPA Filter -P3D-

2 in 1 air filter for 3D printers

Our HEPA Filter P3D is specially designed for FDM 3D printers, with a 2 in 1 composition to offer a high efficiency against nanoparticles and VOCs.

It provides 99,95% filtering protection with H13 filter category certified EN-1822 and HEPA Filter P3D reduces significantly odours from printing. 


P3D Filter both side HEPA H13 and activated carbon
polluants émis par l'impression 3D


VOCs (volatile organic compounds: toxic gas), UFPs (ultra fine particles: nanoparticules). 3D printers are registered as high harmful emitters.
des odeurs désagrables et irritantes

Stop odors

Our  HEPA filter P3D is designed for 3D printer emissions. 2 in 1  filter for the best protection against VOCs and UFPs.
Caisson fait maison avec table ikea

Homemade enclosure

Our solution is made for your homemade enclosures and fits with many of professional enclosures as well.
changement de fitlre simplifié

AlveoONE kits compatible

This HEPA Filter P3D is compatible with our alveoONE and alveoONE-R filterboxes. We are going to keep full compatibility through all upgrades.

Made for all filaments

Designed for all filaments types: ABS, PLA, PET/PETG, HIPS,Nylon etc…

HEPA Filter P3D

We designed our filter, especially for 3D printers. They have 3 to 6 months lifetime according to your printing time and materials you print.

  • easy filter replacing
  • highly reduce odours
  • caught UFPs & VOCs

Protect yourself is a must, we are surrounded by too many pollution sources, avoid 3D printing source is simple with Alveo3D. Look at the filter after only 200 h printing.


P3D filter before versus after 200 hours of use
élèments en 3D représentant les nanoparticules

Ultra Fine Particles

Respiratory, cardiovascularimmune/inflammatory and neurological disorders can be caused by the UFPs. They are so small than they can go trought organic tissue to go to lung & brain.



graphique des composés organiques volatiles

Volatile Organic Compounds

The VOCs are a wide family of gas & smoke which can impact health. The VOCs are emitted by 3D printers and classified know as probably or possible carcinogens.


Extended Filter Lifetime

With a pleated filter structure, filters can be efficient during 3 to 6 months.

Still some questions ?

Certified Filter: EN-1822

We are working improving our solution, in order to always provide the best protection.
3 Filtres de test différente haute efficacité
filtre P3D les deux faces visibles

Discover Pack

P3D filter 2 in 1: hepa H13 and Activated Carbon


Sealing EPDM Foam

Nylon grill to protect HEPA from scratches

Handles for an easy take out

Technical Specifications

Dimensions et Weight

HxLxW : 124*124*41mm

Weight: 140g





High Efficiency Particulate Air : HEPA H13 

Activated Carbon : compact granules

Special Offer : 1 year proctection

4 HEPA filters P3D + Free shipping
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pack de 4 filtres P3D

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Don’t miss the opportunity to protect yourself and print in safe environment. We are 3D printer lovers but we dislike odors and pollutions. Choose alveoONE – KIT – and print now.