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〈 Service d’impression 3D désormais disponible avec Alveo3dPrint 〉

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Instructions & tutorials for electronic board V2

Check the board v2 video guide

Subtitle in English on Youtube


Online instructions manual

Card V2 instructions available online

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Cutting template

Cutting template can be downloaded here and print it on A4 paper in real size

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Raspberry Pi 4

Here is our tutorial to control the V2 from the Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will guide you step by step to make send command to the V2 board via the liaison RS232

Our printing recommendations



150 microns

Nozzle size

standard 0.4 mm

Printing time

4 to 8 hours according to the parameters

Board V2 accessories

STL Files and 3D printable cutting template 

Cutting template

for wall mounted type

gabarit de découpe

Ring for panel

wall mounted support

bague de serrage pose pose façade

alveoONE-R support

mount on the filtering box

accessoire pour la pose sur boîtier alveoONE-R

Inclined stand

2 positions vertical or 30° angle stand

accessoire pour la pose incliné

Free stand

holder for horizontal stand

accessoire pour la pose libre

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