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Air intakes grid assembly tutorial

Air intake grids for filtering system AlveoONE

must be wall-mounted on your 3D printer enclosure panel

Download the cutting template

Draw and cut the air intakes properly on your panel

Gabarit de découpe

3D printable template

Download the STL file of the cutting template

Fichier 1

Paper printable template

Download online and print the cutting template on an A4 format paper at the actual size.

Fichier 1

Recommended location


01. Filter position

Put your filtering case on top panel or on a side panel top position of  your enclosure.


02. Air intakes position

Put the air intakes as low as possible, on the side panel and at the same time as far as possible from the heat bed.


03. Opposite sides

Air intakes should be put on the opposite side of the filtering case to optimize the enclosure air volume treatment.

schéma écartement grilles

04. Space between grids

2 grids must be mounted on an enclosure with as much space as possible between them. Avoid direct airflow on the printer bed.

Cuts on panel

You must cut your panel before to mount the grid, we recommend to use a jigsaw.

01. Choose the location

Choose the proper place to make the cut

pré-découpe sur panneau

02. Draw the line

Draw the lines with the cutting template

tracer le trait

03. Assemble grids

Let’s make the cuts. Then assemble the grid.

installation des grilles

04. Tighten the screws

Tighten the screws, the grids must not move

grilles installées

Grids assembling on panel

Grids are delivered half-assembled, you still need to put the holder and the grid case together with 3 screws(*provided) after you did the hole on the panel.


Put the screw in the holes, verify the nuts are all in place.

vue eclatée


Tighten all together on the panel, it should not move.

montage sur panneau

Adjustable for a panel from 3 to 8 mm

You can put the grid on a thicker panel with longer screws.

schéma epaisseur panneau

Air intakes grid dimension

Grid thickness will depend on the panel thickness.

dimension de la grille

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