PWM Controller Board - coming soon

All necessary functions to manage an Alveo3D kits available on V2 Controller Board


The PWM controller board V2 is a remote control to manage an Alveo3D filterbox. Fully compatible with alveoONE and alveoONE-R, it displays many features such as control speed, lifetime filter, timer etc…

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interface du programme de la carte de contrôle V2


Easy to use V2 controller with a clear and intuitive interface displayed by LCD screen. Language in English only.


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Remote control

Let’s control the Alveo3D filter box through V2 controller with a RS 232 liaison

câbles de connexion

Many Stands

If you want a stand for your V2 you could find our free STL accessories just below.


Click on the STL icon to download our V2 accessories STL files 


Compatible with Alveo3D

Let’s control Alveo3D filterbox by connecting a simple 4 pins connector to V1 electronic board to the PWM controller board V2.

The V1 electronic boards have a connector waiting for a V2 controller: with a 12V PWM signal.

3D du boitier de la carte V2 connectée à la carte V1 dans un boitier alveoONE

Unique Features

The PWM controller board V2 is still in development and its final design can evolve.


Set the time and let the fan turn on and turn off alone. The chrono can also count the time of use.

Filter lifetime

Manage your filter lifetime and follow the saturation until the V2 alerts you to change the filter P3D, with a reset.


Fan Speed

Change fan speed to reduce the noise or control the temperature to help you make great prints.

boitier de la carte V2


It works with both alveoONE filterbox and it is designed to be mount on the enclosure or just placed on the table.

STL Files

The v2 controller board is provided with the STL files to let you choose your favorite materials/colors.

External Control

In order to give you full control, we integrated a RS 232 liaison to be controlled with a Raspberry PI and others.

écran de la carte électronique V2

Software Update Services

We are working to improve our V2 controller software to provide more features in the future.

Let us know if you need a specific feature or an improvement, we will be happy to implement it!

Easy To Install

Specially designed to remote the filterbox, you could choose the best position according to your preferences. Stuck or screwed to the enclosure surface.

illustration d'un caisson avec alveoONE et la carte de contrôle V2
illustration de alveoONE-R avec la carte de contrôle V2

Technical Specifications

Dimensions et Weight

HxLxW : 70*140*35mm

Weight: 160g 


4 pins KK 

PWM signal



Temperature 10 to 80 °C

Fan Speed 800- 6000 rpm

Filter saturation : 0- 100%


Screen : 4 x 20 digits

Control : push button

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Don’t miss the opportunity to protect yourself and print in safe environment. We are 3D printer lovers but we dislike odors and pollutions. Choose V2 electronic controller for Alveo3D.

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