PrintBox – dome enclosure

Safety dome enclosure for resin 3D printer

The dome enclosure for resin 3D printer offers the best safety solution for drastically reducing the odors and harmful emissions from 3D printing process. The filtering system removes smells and protects users from emitted VOCs and nanoparticles.

3 size are available for the PrintBOX.

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Remove odors from 3D printing 

The PrintBOX protects against harmful emissions and odors.

Prusa SL1 dans un caisson Alveo3D

Odors absorption from resin additive manufacturing

During 3D printing, resins emit strong smells, unpleasant and even toxic. The enclosure contains and filters these polluted emissions to release clean air in a safe environment.

Filtering solution oriented for productivity 

Desktop resin 3D printers

le fonctionnement de la cloche

Dome enclosure principle

The dome enclosure is light. With the handles, this dome can be easily manipulated to access the printer and print.

Remove harmful emissions

Remove odors

Protect during all steps

The dome enclosure for resin 3D printer

Enclosure PrintBox

The PrintBOX enclosure is designed for a desktop resin printer. Easy access to your 3D creation without any risks is ensured by the dome monobloc casing in transparent PMMA 4 mm light and mobile. This way, during the entire production process, you could keep an eye on your printing.

Anycubic photon mono x dans un caisson Alveo3D
le système de filtration d'air du Printbox

Remove odors and harmful emissions

Air filtering system

The PrintBox enclosure for resin 3D printer is equipped with a high-efficiency air filtering system and the only tested filter for 3D printer, the HEPA filter P3DL.
Available at retail on this shop.
This filter is based on the P3D filter, the reference for the FDM 3D printers.
In order to offer the best solution for resin 3D printers, the P3DL filter has an extra quantity of activated carbon to remove all odors and harmful emissions from the resin printing process.

HEPA 13 and activated carbon

P3D-L filter

The HEPA P3DL filter provides a great filtration performance for nanoparticles and the Volatile Organic Compounds emitted in the air by resin 3D printing.The mix of the activated carbon has been careful selected in order to treat specifically the VOCs from the additive manufacturing process.
The P3DL filter has a large amount of activated carbon to catch VOCs and remove odors from resin 3D printer during a long period of time.

Anycubic photon mono x dans un caisson Alveo3D
carte de contrôle V2

3D printer enclosure feature

Passageway cable

Air inlet and passageway cable are designed with the same universal cutout.
The surface of the cutout has been calculated to ensure a lower air pressure in the enclosure with the air filtering system, to avoid any polluted air leaks outside the box.

Accessories for 3D printer enclosure

Option V2

The controller board V2 brings advanced functionalities dedicated to filtration management. Equipped with a temperature sensor and fan speed, you are able to control the airflow. The timer brings time adjustment to optimize the filter lifetime, and the filter saturation graph displays the proper moment for the replacement of the filter.

carte de contrôle V2
printbox standard

Version standard

The PrintBOX standard version is delivered with an air filtering system and a P3DL filter as well as an ALHP2425-H6 fan, which offers great performance for the air renewal for noise levels similar to a cooling fan from a desktop computer.

The filtering system works with an ON/OFF switcher and provides an adapted airflow for the desktop resin 3D printer.

Caisson pour imprimante résine équipement complet

Version Option V2

The V2 version is provided with the ALHEP2425-H8 fan, more powerful than the version H6. The airflow is increased to be adjustable and fit to many printer models’ needs.

Extra features are embedded: fan speed regulation, filter saturation monitoring, temperature feedback, timer and better filter lifetime management…

Support controller board V2

  • With the option V2, inclined support is provided
  •  The straight support is available on the download page 
Download STL file

Dome enclosure – 3 sizes

PrintBox - 550

External dimensions : 388 x 388 x 504 mm
Internal dimensions : 380 x 380 x 500 mm
(panel to panel)

dimension Printerbox 500

PrintBox - 500

External dimensions : 388 x 388 x 454 mm
Internal dimensions : 380 x 380 x 450 mm
(panel to panel)

dimension Printerbox 450

PrintBox - 440

External dimensions : 308 x 308 x 404 mm
Internal dimensions : 300 x 300 x 400 mm
(panel to panel)

dimension Printerbox 400

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The dome that removes odors from resin 3D printing.

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