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Pack AlveoOne

Save over 10% with the AlveoOne air filtration system pack for your FDM 3D printer.

It includes :

Delivery in Europe – Delivered in kit form.


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210,00 Inc. VAT

Ventilation system selection

Filtration kit

For what purpose

For which type of 3D printer housing? Mounting type


Versatile use with all types of filament Leaky housing with air inlets Panel-mounted
AlveoONE-R Recommended for warping-sensitive filaments Watertight housing Free-standing inside the printer housing

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Passage de câble en verte

Cable entry

  • Allows cables to be routed from the inside to the outside of the box, with a suitable opening for a mains socket.
  • Minimizes openings thanks to a sliding knife system.
  • Supplied with a 3D-printed cutting template for easy assembly.
  • Includes 1.5-meter extension cable for greater flexibility.
joint silicone panneau

V2 PWM control board

  • Adjust fan speed to regulate internal housing temperature and optimize air filtration.
  • Monitors P3D filter status and indicates saturation level for proactive replacement.
  • Tracks filter service life for predictive maintenance.
grilles d'entrée d'air

Air inlet grilles

  • Alveo3D’s 3D printer housing air inlet grilles are made from easy-to-install Black Galaxy PETG, and include microperforated nylon for dust filtration.
  • Designed to work with the AlveoONE
  • They ensure optimum airflow and reduce the risk of print shrinkage
AlveoONE assemblé

AlveoONE Assembled

  • HEPA P3D filter to eliminate VOCs and nanoparticles
  • 120 mm high-pressure fan
  • 24V power supply
filtre P3D

P3D filter

  • Alveo3D’s HEPA13 and activated carbon filter is designed for 3D printers, reducing odors and harmful emissions.
  • Compatible with AlveoONE systems, it offers 99.95% filtration for 300 nm particles and includes a dense layer of activated carbon to treat VOCs.
  • The filter measures 124x124x44 mm, weighs 160 g, and has a service life of 600 hours.

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