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Pack AlveoOne-Kit

With the AlveoOne-Kit Pack, you can save over 10% on the air filtration system of your FDM 3D printer.

It includes :

Delivery in Europe – Delivered as a kit.


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143,00 Inc. VAT

This complete package for 3D printers includes

joint silicone panneau

V2 PWM control board

  • Fan speed control: Adjust the fan speed to manage the temperature inside the cabinet, reduce noise or optimize air filtration.
  • Filter monitoring: The card monitors the wear of the P3D filter and informs you of its saturation level.
le kits alveo3D: alveoONE et alveoONE-R

AlveoONE-Kit Filtration Kit

  • HEPA P3D filter to capture VOCs and nanoparticles
  • High-pressure fan
  • 24V power supply
filtre P3D

P3D Filter

  • HEPA13 filter and activated carbon
  • 99.95% filtration of 300 nm particles
  • 600-hour service life

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