Filter box Assembly Instructions for 3D printer Enclosure 

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3D printer enclosures

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01. Filter Position
Place the filter box in the highest position you can.
02. Air intake size
To ensure to catch more particles and gases, you must create a slight underpressure in your enclosure. The intake air surface must be inferior than the outlet air surface (25% less)
03. Opposite side
Place the filter box to the opposite side from the intake air in order to optimize air treatment speed.
04. Enclosure size
Our filter box is sized for enclosure no bigger than 700mm x 700mm x 700mm or equal.
05. After printing
Wait 5 minutes after each printing before to open your enclosure.
06. Noise reduction
3D printer enclosures and our printed box reduce significantly noise from the high-pressure fan.

What we recommand for printing Alveo3D filterbox

01. Accuracy
150 microns
02. Nozzle size
0,4 mm
03. Printing time
30 to 40 hours according to your settings

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